Hi there!
I am Nimesh Khandelwal. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. I was chosen as a PMRF in cycle 8 (December, 2021). I am currently working towards making a quadruped robot from scratch with my amazing teammates at IIT Kanpur. I am a passionate person who likes to work hard and make machines inspired from nature (including their brains!!). I work on simulation of autonomous mobile robots and engineering simple but effective controller for these systems. For more information check out the menu pages.
About me
I was born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I did my secondary and senior secondary schooling from Mahaveer Public School, Jaipur. After clearing JEE, I joined the B.Tech Program in Mechanical Engineering at NIT Jaipur (MNIT). There I was a part of ZINE, the research and robotics group of the college.
As a part of the group, I participated in robotics competitions at various institutes (IIT-KGP, IIT-B, MIT Pune, LDCE Ahmedabad, JECRC Jaipur, Manipal University Jaipur, etc.) and won some of them. The experience I gained as being a part of the group was invaluable and in some way it did shape my career.
I like to read, a lot! I also like to play Video Games and sports in my free time.
  • Member and Mentor at ZINE, the research and robotics group at MNIT Jaipur
  • Web-Developer at Drawberg Digital (Dec 2018-Feb 2019)
  • Project Intern at Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc, Bangalore (May 2019-July 2019)
Primarily, I am interested in solving the problems involvoing non-linear dynamical systems, including their staility analysis and control. I am also interested in the estimation, motion planning, low-level controller development, autopilot development for robotic systems among others. My current research interests lie in the dynamics, control and stability analysis of legged robots, specifically quadrupeds.
Programming (C++/Python/Matlab)
Advanced Robot Dynamics and Control
Deep Learning/Neural Networks
Nimesh Khandelwal
Email: nimesh20@iitk.ac.in, nimesh6798@gmail.com